Diagnostic And Special Tools

1. Honda Special Tools

All special Tools as listed in MaRIS can be purchased from any official Honda dealer.

Please note that you can also use specific tools that are part of the Loan Tool Program.

These tools are for more in-depth Repair and Diagnostic type assignments, for details Contact Us.


2. Honda Diagnostic System (MCS)

To purchase the Honda Diagnostic System, please Contact Us.

Note: We recommend that you are a MaRIS Pay & Go subscriber to order the tool, to subscribe to software updates, and to get access to the latest documentation on the use of the tool.


3. ECU Software Updates and Equipment

To obtain Pass-Thru software you will need to subscribe to MaRIS Pay & Go (minimum of one hour). Once you have successfully Logged into your account "ECU MC" should be displayed in the top menu, select this option and the download will start.

Software: ISO-22900-2

Reprogramming VCI: Bosch MTS 6513


4. Information for Diagnostic Tool Manufacturers and Technical information re-publishers

If you represent a Diagnostic Tool manufacturing Company or a Technical information re-publisher and wish to obtain data or information, please Contact Us.